AR State Abbreviation – Arkansas

The AR State abbreviation is short for Arkansas.


In this article, we’ll explore the historical background, origin, and meaning of the Arkansas state abbreviation.¬†We’ll also discuss its usage and common misunderstandings.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about the shorthand for Arkansas, keep reading to satisfy your curiosity!

Historical Background

You’ll want to know the historical background of Arkansas’s state abbreviation.

The abbreviation for Arkansas is AR, which stands for ‘Arkansaw.’ The origin of this unique spelling dates back to the early 19th century when the state was still a territory.

At that time, the pronunciation of Arkansas was commonly anglicized, with the final ‘s’ sound being pronounced as ‘saw.’ As a result, when Arkansas became a state in 1836, the territorial abbreviation ‘Ark.’ was changed to ‘AR’ to reflect this pronunciation.

This historical background highlights the linguistic evolution and cultural significance of the state’s abbreviation. Today, AR is widely recognized as the official abbreviation for Arkansas.

Common Uses and Misuses of AR State Abbreviation

The origin and meaning of Arkansas’s abbreviation are often misunderstood.

You might think that the abbreviation for Arkansas would be ‘AK,’ but it’s actually ‘AR.’

AR is also an acronym for “assault rifle.”


So, now you know that the state abbreviation for Arkansas is AR. It is derived from the name of the state and has been officially designated as the abbreviation for Arkansas.

It is widely used in various contexts, such as on postal addresses, legal documents, and official state documents. Understanding state abbreviations is important for effective communication and efficient documentation.

So, next time you encounter the abbreviation AR, you’ll know that it represents the great state of Arkansas.